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This blog has moved to my website.  Unfortunately blog technology won’t allow me to move subscribers with me, so I put off telling you, thinking I could maintain two identical blogs.  I’ve discovered however, that maintaining one blog is a challenge, and search engines are sending people to this old site when I have a great new website brimming with up-to-date information.  So, if you want to receive my future blog posts via email, just click on the link below and you will automatically be taken to my new blog-site where you can fill in the blank (upper right corner) and stay in my loop.


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website design

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February 18, 2012 · 3:28 pm

I Can’t Talk

Happy Valentine's Day from Mustang Island

Can’t talk.  I’m on Day 2 of a six-day Solo Writing Retreat in a quiet beach condo with the goal of finishing Second Novel.  I worked on my book for a total of eleven hours on Day 1. It may look like a long, glorious week, but time flies here because there are no regular obligations to hold it down.   

Walking the beach is allowed in my Solo Writing Retreat, and I found this guy on the right yesterday.      

News item:  I entered a story in a contest held in conjunction with the publication of JANE AUSTEN MADE ME DO IT, a collection of short stories inspired by the life and works of Jane Austen.  Ten finalists will be selected by online voting between now and February 28.  The winning story from the contest will be published in the anthology.  You can read my story here, posted on this blogsite under the tab “short story”.   

You can vote for my story here.   My story is number 26 (scroll down to MY JANE AUSTEN VACATION) and, as you can see, it needs votes!


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Someone Besides My Mother Has Read My Book!

My Book's Cover

When I saw the email from my editor with the art for my book’s cover attached, the scary music started.  My heart beat faster and I covered my eyes.  Knowing that I was about to meet my book’s cover was like coming face-to-face with Bachelor Number 1, or waiting to see what prize I’d chosen behind Door Number 2.  As in freshman roommates and first marriages, I could be in for serious misery that would not go away anytime soon.    

I clicked on download.

Wow.  Pink.  A fuzzy manor house conveys an imaginaary world.  Okay.  The neck-down girl seems familiar.  I like the scuffed black shoe and the old book.  The cloth she’s sitting on reminds me of fabric my grandmother bought in Iran and made into curtains.  Where did they ever find a coat with roses?  What an odd piece of clothing.  Roses, hmm.

It took me days to catch on.

It wasn’t until proofing the copyedited corrections that I ran smack dab into the roses and realized that someone besides my mother has read my book.  I wrote those roses into existence.  Here is the first mention of roses:     

“I’d snuggled into my mother’s side, tracing the roses on the floral chintz loveseat, wondering how there could be so much purple and blue in the pink petals. When she read, my mother’s voice mixed the lush sofa roses with the soft reading light and the romance of storybook heroines.  All for me.”    

The cover designer read my book!  And got that Lily associates the sofa roses with the world of her imagination–or living in a novel.  When she wonders about so much purple and blue in pink roses, she’s really wondering about:  the richness and complexity of a beautiful life, the pain and suffering in love.  The roses make another appearance later in the novel, but you’ll have to read the book (like my mother and my cover designer) to see what happens.   

(Those are roses, right?)

 Extra stuff:

  • I have cards (business size) with the cover printed on one side and the book’s information on the other.  I will send you one (with extras for your reading friends) if you email me at: and tell me where to send them.  
  • If you would like to read my perspective on the cover’s design process, (posted on Austen Authors), click here.
  • If you would like to read my essay about being pregnant with a book, (posted on Girlfriends Book Club), click here.  
  • If you are growing weary of my precious book cover, come back next week.  We have a puppy.


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Husbands Allowed in My Book Club

My Book Club Gathered Around Amy Bourret (center, seated)

My book club includes husbands.  Which means we don’t serve quiche at our meetings or read angsty books by writers like Hemingway or Franzen.  We read gnarly non-fiction every other month and during fiction months we brace ourselves for discussion hijackers who take the first exit possible into business or politics.  Short novels are good.  Novels with a film in current release are better.  Imagine my concern when Amy Bourret, author of Mothers and Other Liars agreed to visit My Book Club.  What was I thinking?   The very suggestion of the nurture/nature debate would send half of our group on a terminal field trip to the beer cooler.  An email went out to all husbands two months prior to her scheduled appearance:  You Must Read This Novel

They all said they would.  

Not only is Amy Bourret a wonderful writer with a compelling book, she was a partner with a national law firm in a previous life.  So while she spoke about character and plot, she also shared information about contracts and sales.  She explained her deal with Target Stores (Amy is a Target Breakout Author).  She answered questions about the ins and outs of working with agents, editors, and St. Martin’s Press.  By the time she got around to nuances between hardcover and trade paper they were eating out of her hand.  One husband said it was the best book club, ever.        

We could ditch the husbands and read whatever we want.  But.  We love them.  And now we have to brace ourselves for next month’s testosterone special: Obama’s Wars by Bob Woodward.       

To learn more about Amy Bourret and her debut novel, Mothers and Other Liars, click here.


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