Launch Day: Here we go!

My Jane Austen Summer is released as of today.  If you have not yet ordered your copy, you can do so from the links on my website:  

If you are in Dallas, please come to the launch event:

My Jane Austen Summer Launch Day Event 
Tuesday, March 29 at 7 pm
Border’s Books and Music
5500 Greenville Avenue (facing Lovers Ln.)
This event is free and open to the public and no reservation is required

Here are links to reviews:

My Jane Austen Summer celebrates publication today with a four-stop blog tour and giveaways on each blog. Visit and leave a comment for a chance to win a signed copy of the novel and a package of Lily Berry’s Pink Rose Tea, created by Bingley’s Teas, Ltd.  Each blog will hold a separate drawing, meaning four chances to win. Here’s where we’re celebrating:





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34 responses to “Launch Day: Here we go!

  1. Congratulations on for your launch day! Wish I could attend the Borders event but I’m half the world away. Good luck and hope you have a very pleasant day.

  2. Congratulations! I need to order your book! I will check ….

  3. Jakki Leatherberry

    Cindy, congrats on your launch day! I am sure it will be a wonderful day for you! Not only am I excited to read the book, but I am really excited to try some of the Lily Berry’s Pink Rose Tea (and I’m not a tea drinker)! 🙂

  4. Dana Robinson

    Congrats on your Launch Day Cindy! I’m heading out of town, but I’m hoping Rick can go tonight and get my signed copy.

  5. kebby

    CONGRATS Cindy! I am ordering my copy today. Can’t wait to read it.


  6. Congrats on your launch! I’m a sucker for Austen related books and just added your book to my “to read” list.

  7. Jenny Ellis

    Happy pub day! Can’t wait to read this. Your background on here is the same one I have on my blog. 🙂 Great minds think alike.

  8. Susan

    What an exciting day! Your creativity and perseverance pay off. I am looking forward to the launch tonight and can’t wait to read your book.

  9. Kay Gentsch

    Congratulations! I just downloaded your book and can’t wait to get started. I knew you were destined for greatness from your creative writing for Ms. Garner’s 2nd grade class at St. John’s.

  10. Wish I was in Dallas! 🙂
    Since I’m not, let me extend ginormous congratulations via the interwebs! As excited as I am that this book can finally make its way to my hands (soooon, I am hoping! 😀 ), I know – as author – you must be thrilled 🙂
    Enjoy the launch, and the whole my-book-is-for-sale ride!

  11. Congrats on your launch day Cindy. I’m so excited to read your book 🙂

  12. BeckyC

    Wish I could join you in Dallas, but I will be thinking of you from California! I ordered my copy and it should arrive tomorrow! Curling up with it and a cup of your tea would be delightful! Congratulations!

  13. LilMissMolly

    Congrats on your new release! I wish I lived near Dallas so I could come meet you in person.

  14. Luving how you’re celebrating your launch! HUGE ConGrats Cindy!
    i’m a sooo a tea girl – you’ll see that in my blog name “)
    and ‘rose’ being part of my actual name, this tea will be the perfect accompaniment for reading the book!! soooo thoughtful! THANK YOU “)!

  15. Thank you! I think you’ll like my tea! And it pairs perfectly with my book!

  16. Annie Foster

    Congratulations on the debut!! YOU ROCK. Four Boys, One husband, One dog, lots of family and you still have time to live and write with the grace of Jane Austen. I need you to personalize a few copies for me. Thanks for being great – Annie

  17. Dear Annie–
    Thank you for being my friend!! Have pen will personalize!

  18. Mon

    this must be an exciting day for you! Congrats

  19. Congratulations Becky C! You are the winner of a signed copy of My Jane Austen Summer and a package of Lily Berry’s Pink Rose Tea. Contact me at and let me know where to send it!

  20. BeckyC

    Cindy! What a treat! Thank you so much for this opportunity! I look forward to curling up with your book and your tea! woohoo….

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