My Book Promotion Plan

Question:  What do Bingley’s Teas, my debut novel, and my mother all have in common?  Answer:  They are all part of my book promotion plan.   My platform is Tea.  Brainstorming for a small favor to give away at book launch events, and considering that tea plays an important role in my book, I found myself wishing for tea bags with the book’s cover on the label.  Then I remembered Bingley’s Teas Ltd: Home of the Jane Austen Tea Series.  If Bingley’s can blend a tea for Fanny Price, why not blend a tea for my protagonist?  From there, the Tea Idea grew into a means of enhancing the literary experience, lifting the book from a solitary read to a social event.  Basic Plan:
  • Produce Lily Berry’s Pink Rose Tea, a blend of organic roses and berries in a green tea, available on my website.       

    A Literary Heroine With Her Own Tea!

    A Literary Heroine With Her Own Tea!

  • Hold book talk/signing events at tea rooms.  Work with tea venues to offer “Literary Teas” by providing a book talk after the last course is served.  I’ll bring the tea!  A great place for book clubs to converge.
  • Book Clubs can try this at home.  Book clubs can host a Literary Tea in their own homes.  My website provides ideas, suggestions, and recipes to get organized.

My website:

How do I know so much about tea parties?  My mother developed Afternoon Tea at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Dallas to raise money for the Cathedral Restoration Fund.  The annual tea involved an army of volunteers and sold out every year:  400  guests at each seating.  Working with my mother all those years, I got the hang of tea production on a grand scale, details of which made their way into my novel.  The recipe for St. Mary’s Guild’s Dried-Cherry Scones is included on my website.   

With all my tea experience, I’ve never helped blend the actual tea.  Working with Julia Matson of Bingley’s Tea Ltd was a joyful collaboration.  Lily Berry’s Pink Rose Tea is an original blend of organic green tea, organic rose petals, narcissus, and whole dried fruits–including strawberries and rhubarb–a combination chosen to illustrate Lily’s fresh, romantic, and often surprising personality.  The tea comes in a pretty white pouch with a window on the back so you can see the beautiful tea.    

Turns out, Twitter was a walk in the park as far as book promotion learning curves go.  For the past two months I have been homeschooling myself in paypal buttons, tea tasting, shipping costs, and commercial label design.  Don’t get me started on file conversion.

Launch is 26 days away.  Have you pre-ordered your copy?  You can place an order with your favorite online bookseller from my website:

If you are in Dallas on Tuesday, March 29, please join me at Border’s Books on Lover’s Lane at 7pm for a launch event.  The party is free and open to the public and I’ll bring the tea!



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8 responses to “My Book Promotion Plan

  1. Susanne

    Brilliant! Best wishes on the book launch! S~

    Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. ~Henry Fielding, “Love in Several Masques”

  2. Susan Kaye

    It sounds like you’re steeped in the information you need to have a very cozy launch. Good going, Cindy!

  3. Hi Cindy! What a brilliant idea, I love it! I can’t wait to taste Lilly’s tea; it sounds as scrumptious as your novel. Good luck with all your promotion plans. I am in awe!

    • Hi Syrie! I’m now conjuring tea for all literary protagonists–and I can visualize a tea for Nicole, Nocturne‘s heroine: deep, rich, utterly satisfying, with a bite! 😉 And of course it would have to include red rose petals. Too bad Michael would never be able to enjoy it…

  4. Celia

    This is a terrific idea! Are you concerned about Sarah Palin and Co. showing up? They enjoy a good tea party.

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