Like I Needed a New Puppy

Last Sunday my family won the New Puppy Battle.  Their secret weapon?  Daylight Savings Time.  For nine months I successfully stonewalled, not until the clock rolled back, bestowing that luxurious extra hour, luring me into a giddy state of benevolent expansion, did I cave.  By 2 pm the next day, The Puppy Team was in Arkansas signing adoption papers and flying home.  With my New Office Mate.  

Her name is Sophie.

Our Youngest Son is officially responsible for her care and feeding.  EXCEPT when he isn’t home, which, during official working hours, is never.  Sharing the close quarters of my office, we have gotten to know each other pretty well.  I know that when she barks at her chew toys, she is just kidding.  She knows that when I stare at my computer screen, I’m not really dead.  I don’t mind telling you she  spends A LOT of time attacking her giant dog pillow, gripping it in her ferocious puppy teeth and shaking it to death.  Also, her tail sneaks up on her a lot.      

Sophie sniffs.

We go outside together for breaks.  She pretends she doesn’t know why we are outside, and I reconsider my backyard from her perspective.  She drags big sticks, ten times her size, and I think how nice it would be to get rid of all the weeds.  Or paint the house.  We stay outside too long.  Sometimes the Big Dog (formerly known as: Baby-Love-Dog-of-the-Century-Universe) joins us, but she doesn’t stay the whole time.  

When we’re back inside and I’m working on yet another synopsis of my novel, when I’m struggling to reduce 354 pages to three purchase-inducing paragraphs, and find I’ve forgotten the name of the protagonist in my new novel, when I feel I may be losing my mind, I just look over at my Office Mate, 10 pounds of quixotic puppy, attacking that windmill of a dog pillow, and realize, it could be much worse.      

Sophie hangs with The Guys



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8 responses to “Like I Needed a New Puppy

  1. Debby

    The perfect office assistant, if you ask me.

  2. Susanne

    Sophie’s adorable! What a wonderful companion! My son has two dogs. These puppies are on each side of my computer desk, officially bone munching time.

    I suppose they’d like their own Facebook pages.

    Coco Chanel, age two, is a German Shepherd with a wonderful smile, who should be out of (but isn’t) puppyhood; she loves driving, eats spaghetti and this morning took off her collar to signal she was ready for adventure. Jordan prefers being home. As a puppy, he managed to exit a jet, causing the FAA to close the local airport for 45 minutes while being chased on the runway. The Belgian Malinois probably doesn’t remember this new sport; or perhaps he does and this is the reason he prefers to stay home. He has hidden tennis balls, hoping D. will return from college soon.

    The dogs can understand up to 600 words, so don’t let them fool you when they pretend not to understand something. Isn’t that about the average daily vocabulary?

    Anyway, somehow these two provide endless entertainment and anticipate every step. Ciao!

    • I want to see pictures! They sound like wonderful company but, all the same, I’m glad not to have the airport experience. Yikes! Coco–put your collar back on! I’ll remember the 600 words next time Sophie plays dumb with me.

  3. Sophie is so cute!!! I have been dogless for … 7 years now (had to count), after having a dog for all my life until that point. I’m not in a place to get a new puppy yet, but I drool over everyone else’s 🙂 Instead, I got a house rabbit that started out the size of a softball and is now bigger than BOTH my cats and tips the scales at about 14lbs. She doesn’t know she’s a rabbit – when she sees herself in the mirror, she has a panic attack, hehe.

  4. Cheryl Woodul

    SOPHIE IS ADORABLE!!!! I would love to meet her.

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