Husbands Allowed in My Book Club

My Book Club Gathered Around Amy Bourret (center, seated)

My book club includes husbands.  Which means we don’t serve quiche at our meetings or read angsty books by writers like Hemingway or Franzen.  We read gnarly non-fiction every other month and during fiction months we brace ourselves for discussion hijackers who take the first exit possible into business or politics.  Short novels are good.  Novels with a film in current release are better.  Imagine my concern when Amy Bourret, author of Mothers and Other Liars agreed to visit My Book Club.  What was I thinking?   The very suggestion of the nurture/nature debate would send half of our group on a terminal field trip to the beer cooler.  An email went out to all husbands two months prior to her scheduled appearance:  You Must Read This Novel

They all said they would.  

Not only is Amy Bourret a wonderful writer with a compelling book, she was a partner with a national law firm in a previous life.  So while she spoke about character and plot, she also shared information about contracts and sales.  She explained her deal with Target Stores (Amy is a Target Breakout Author).  She answered questions about the ins and outs of working with agents, editors, and St. Martin’s Press.  By the time she got around to nuances between hardcover and trade paper they were eating out of her hand.  One husband said it was the best book club, ever.        

We could ditch the husbands and read whatever we want.  But.  We love them.  And now we have to brace ourselves for next month’s testosterone special: Obama’s Wars by Bob Woodward.       

To learn more about Amy Bourret and her debut novel, Mothers and Other Liars, click here.



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3 responses to “Husbands Allowed in My Book Club

  1. LOL. We have one male member of one of my book clubs. He was a stay at home dad in the Mom’s group that the book club sprang from. We regularly inflict books on him that he absolutely, positively never would have otherwise read, and we enjoy his perspective on them!

  2. Cindy, I think it’s so cool that you had Amy as your book club guest–I was pleased to read (and blurb) her book pre-publication.

    Also this: I tried to find an email contact for you to let you know I drew your name to win the books after my post at the Girlfriends Book Club blog. Go to the comments trail of my post for info. 🙂

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