Subtitles and Surprises

Licensed to Drive

The first time I saw my book in the Harper Collins online catalogue (which happens surprisingly early in the publishing process) was like driving down the street and seeing one of my sons, driving their own car.  I struggled to place the grown-up novel I’d last seen in a three-ring binder on the shelf near my desk.  

What are you doing here

I beheld my own creation, out in the world–no longer accessible for me to correct, revise, or completely rewrite entire sections.  But apparently managing just fine without me, nonetheless.  And then I noticed my novel sporting something I hadn’t created.  A subtitle.  Hmm.  Like discovering someone new in the passenger seat.  


I like it your new subtitle.  I really do.  I’m glad to meet it and so happy that you two got together, although I had nothing to do with it.  You make a perfect couple.



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8 responses to “Subtitles and Surprises

  1. Susan

    How exciting to see your book. I love the cover and your name is so very elegant! Sending your children off into the world…..

    • Meeting my children out in the world! Yikes! Did I do all I could to prepare them? I learned yesterday that it is possible to edit a published post and that gives me some comfort.

  2. jlspsi

    Delicious novel. They like you, they really like you. You are handling this lack of control of your “baby” with aplomb. Isn’t that a great writer word?

  3. Cindy — great post and such an apt analogy!! I had a very similar reaction to seeing my book in the catalogue for the first time, too. (Kensington added a tag line I’d never seen either… 🙂 ) Really looking forward to reading your novel next spring!

  4. Congrats Cindy. What a thrilling moment. I look forward to the same experience. Can’t wait to read your book.

    Cheers, Laurel Ann

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